Atlantic Picture Photography | Backpack Quest.
This is a story about a “Quest to find a Camera bag” along with a short review pointing out a few likes and dislikes. Hopefully this will help others to pick the best bag for them before they grab their credit card.

In the last couple of weeks I was/am looking to get a new bag and I spent hrs/week reading whatever was available on camera bags.
I looked at Lowepro Flipside400AW, Kata3in1-33, Naneu U120 and Naneu Sahara217F then I saw the Lowepro Vertex series.
I don’t plan to buy another one next yr so this should be strong, well padded, and well constructed to survive trekking, city use, and sandy moist conditions on the beach.

Previously I used a Lowepro Fastpack250 which I absolutely hated; in fact I returned it in days. I had a Case Logic SLRC-4 which is a good bag mixed with bad use of available interior space and still have a SLRC-206. I also had a Norazza1200 a Tenba Large Messenger and a couple Lowepro shoulder bags.. and at one point I thought I will never buy more than 2 lenses... riiight.
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